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What You Should Know About Remote Transmitters and Security

Keyless entry systems and car alarms have the capability to respond to thousands of different remote transmitters.

Why are they built this way?

Because manufacturers want you to be able to add remotes to your system in case one breaks, you lose it or you need an extra for a family member. But this capability also allows a transmitter to be programmed to operate many different vehicles, like a master key.

How could a criminal program his remote transmitter to work my car?

If you pass your key chain (including remote) to a mechanic, car-wash worker, salesman or parking attendant who is dishonest, he could program his remote transmitter to work your car, as well as hundreds of other vehicles, giving him undetected access.

And even if you don’t hand the keys over —- but just let him move your auto with your keys in the ignition — a savvy crook can program his transmitter to work your system in less than a minute!

So what can I do to protect my car?

Upgrade to a system equipped with:

  • Unauthorized Transmitter Alert: If an unauthorized transmitter has been added, an audible signal warns you when you turn on the ignition key. You can then reset your system and beat the would-be intruder. In addition, every time you start the car, this feature signals the number of authorized transmitters by flashing an LED light.
  • Code Erase: Crushes code-grabbing crooks by changing your transmitter code and erasing it after each use. It never reuses the same code.
  • Remote-Controlled Personal Panic Button: Sounds alarm from up to 200 feet from the vehicle. Also works from inside the vehicle, even with the engine running, to help deter carjacking attempts.
  • Passive Arming Feature: Activates the system automatically, even if you forget.
  • Starter Disable Feature: Makes starting the vehicle impossible, when the system is armed.

Wolf security products have these important features.

I already have a manufacturer (or new aftermarket) security system. Why do I need to upgrade?

Current remote-controlled keyless entry and security systems provide the most efficient and affordable protection. But many critical security features have become available since they were made.

Often, factory-installed and aftermarket systems offer no protection from criminals using transmitter-code grabbers.



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