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Installing Wolf One-Touch Window Control in Miata Mk2 & 3

Highlights from the full instruction sheet that comes with every kit are shown below. For other questions, contact us or post in The Wolf Miata Forum.

Harness >>


<< View of back of Power Window Switch

1) Access the wiring running to the electric window switch. This can be found without removing the switch or console. Please see the photograph.
Cut the wires as shown. Important: Do not cut the purple and orange loop wires. This would damage your window motors.

Note that connections "A1," "B1," "E1" and "F1" are all nearest the switch, and the other connections are nearest the dashboard.

2) Locate the 6-pin plug on the control module. Connect as follows:

red red   Reds: Not Used
Yellow: Connect to "A1"
Green: Connect to "B1"
Brown: Connect to "E1"
Purple: Connect to "F1"
green purple
yellow brown

3) Note that there are two connectors on the control box that have two thick red-and-white wires. Select the shorter one of these and connect the red to "A2" and the white to "B2." Select the longer one of these and connect the red to "E2" and the white to "F2."

4) Connect the thin pink wire to 12-volt positive when the ignition is "on." You could join this to the brown wire "D" on the switch harness.

5) Connect the thin gray wire to a wire that is "ground" only when the alarm is "on". (This should be the black wire on any of the sensors.)

6) Connect the remaining thick red wire that has a 25-amp fuse to a similar permanent power wire and connect the black wire to ground.

Operation: Press the window switch in the required direction for half a second and then release. The window will automatically open or close. It is not necessary to keep your finger on the switch.

To stop the window at any time, momentarily press the switch in the opposite direction and it will stop.

The window can be moved slightly by very briefly pressing the button in the required direction. Locking the doors using the remote control will close any open window.


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