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 Installing Wolf Miata Power Door Locks for the Miata Mk1

Highlights from the full instruction sheet that comes with every kit. For other questions, contact us or post in The Wolf Miata Forum.

Ensure that the car’s battery is disconnected (as advised in the Installer’s Guide)

1) Locate the wiring access points. Remove the two screws holding the internal fuse box shown in photo 1 and lower it down.


1. Drop fuse box




Locate the hole near the fuse box, shown in Photo 2.


2. Access door and mounting






3. Access next to heater.





2) Run the harness. Plug the blue control box onto the harness. The five-pin connector will only fit one way and the remaining pin is for the black ground wire. Mount the blue control box near to the steering column. Run the shortest wire to the driver’s door and the longest to the opposite door.

The wiring harness for the locking has to be run through the tubing between the body of the car and the door. This can be quite awkward and care should be taken. We find it easier to run one stiff wire through first. Then tape the other wires to this wire and carefully pull them through. A lubricant such as a liquid silicon-based polish will also help.

Install the Motor Assemblies. The photos show the left door. Installation to the opposite door is a mirror image.

3) Drill the mounting points. Cut out the templates and stick them to the door as shown in photo 4. Drill 1/8” (3.2mm) at positions “A” and “B” and then remove the templates.


4) Fit the motor assemblies. The motors are handed and must be installed as shown in photo 5.


5) Electrical connections. Connect the wiring on the motors to the harness matching color to color.




6) Fit the clamps. Refit the plastic door seal at the top only, cutting a slot for the rod to pass through.

Fit the clamps as shown in Photo 6 but only tighten the upper screw. Do not yet seal the plastic at the bottom of the door.

6. Clamp


7) Passenger door clamp alignment. With the inner handle lock the door, it does not need to be closed. Now pull the motor piston fully "out" and while holding this position tighten the lower screw on the clamp.

8) Driver's door clamp alignment. Temporarily disconnect the red and blue wire connections to the driver’s door motor.

Pull the motor piston fully "out" and then push it "in" very slightly until it is just before the point where it unlocks the other door. While holding this position, tighten the lower screw on the clamp.

9) Testing.

Refit the door panels. Remove the keys and close all doors. Test the system from both outside with the key in the driver’s door and inside using the lever.

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