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 Wolf Power Windows Mk 1: Replacing Factory Mechanisms

Highlights from the full instruction sheet that comes with every kit. For other questions, contact us or post in The Wolf Miata Forum.

(Click images for larger view.)

1. Remove the factory mechanism. Remove all the screws shown in the photographs. Carefully pull off the door trim panel starting from the bottom. It is secured by clips.

2. Remove the glass. Lower the glass to gain access to three 10mm head bolts “B” that hold the glass to the mechanism and remove these. Remove the window stops “A” and then slide the glass upwards and out.


3. Take out the manual mechanism. .


4. Insert the new mechanism. This is a reversal of the removal process for the mechanism.


5. Bolt the mechanism in place. The new mechanism is secured at positions “C”, “H”, front bolt “D”, and rear nut “F”. Refit both bolts “G” in the front channel.

Refit the glass and attach it to the new mechanism with the three screws previously removed. Refit the glass stops at “A” and “B”. Connect the wires from the switch to the motor.

6. Test the operation of the windows with the ignition “on” and with the engine running. If the windows travel in the wrong direction, reverse the two connections at the motor or at the switch. Ensure that all wires are secure and do not obstruct any moving parts. Refit the trims.


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