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Installing Wolf Miata Power Windows

for the Miata Mk2

Highlights from the full instruction sheet that comes with every kit. For other questions, contact us or post in The Wolf Miata Forum.

(Click images for larger view.)

When our engineers designed power windows for the Miata 2, the goal was to make them as close in quality to the Mazda original equipment as possible and very easy to install. We achieved this by using only the best-quality, tested products available from around the world.

Our power window kits come with full-color, detailed instructions showing, step-by-step, how to remove the door panels and trims, install the parts and complete the wiring. There are no holes to drill and no wires to cut. Everything fits to existing holes and plugs into factory connectors. We're showing a few photos here to give you some idea of how easy it really is.

Plug in Switches

The first job when fitting your car is to wire in the switches. When you take out the blank switch panel from the center console, you'll find a six-pin electrical connector attached to it. Simply plug in as shown in the diagram and photos.


Bolt Elect Mech.jpg (31951 bytes)Insert Elect MechThe manual mechanism is unbolted and removed, and the new one inserted through the speaker aperture in the door. This fits in place with four bolts, and is then attached to the glass. The two wires from the electric motor plug into a connector on the door and then you're ready to test the first window!

Wiring Map


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