Wolf 1980

The original WolfMiata crew


When Mazda introduced the original Miata back in 1989, Wolf — headed by Eric Camp and Bob Blyth — had been designing and producing quality electronic auto accessories for more than 10 years. The Wolf line then included Power Windows, Remote Locking and Security Systems.

Within a few months of the Miata's launch, Wolf released the world's first dedicated product line for this exciting, new car.

Then and now, our products stand apart from the competition because we only supply original equipment-quality components from the best manufacturers such as Bosch in Germany and MES in Switzerland. This guarantees our customers unequalled assurance, and years of trouble-free enjoyment and use. Warranty

In the early 1990s, our market was exclusively to Mazda car dealers and importers throughout the world. These dealers demand a product built to the same standards as the car itself.

We also became involved in the classic car movement, developing similar products for 1960s and '70s autos such as the Triumph TR7, the Rover Mini and the VW Bug. Enthusiast owners of these cars wanted to install the product themselves, so we took great care to supply kits with full-color instruction manuals. We made sure they would be easy to fit.

Now the Miata Mk1 is fast becoming a classic with many thousands of owners joining Miata Clubs around the world. So we decided to offer our line of quality products directly to Miata aficionados — at prices that previously would have been impossible.

Our Miata Mk1 kits have been improved and updated with detailed, color instructions that make installation a step-by-step process. Our new Power Windows and Door Locks for the Miata Mk2 fit without drilling any holes or running cables!

Whichever product you choose to buy from us at Wolf, you can be assured you're buying from a reputable and experienced manufacturer. Everyone here is an enthusiast, and we want you to carry on enjoying your Miata for years to come.

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