Mazda Mk1 Power Door Lock - Keyless Entry

Power Locking System for the Miata Mk1

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Product Description

Wolf has carefully designed its Power Locking Systems for the Miata Mk1with ease of installation in mind. So factory mounting holes in the door panels — and color-to-color connections and plug-in connectors in the insulated wiring cluster — are used as much as possible.Wolf Power Locking Systems use only the MES actuator, which is made in Switzerland by the people who invented the door lock actuator in the early 1980s. Since then, millions of motor vehicles have been fitted with MES products by motor manufacturers in the United States, Europe and Japan.

To further help with installation, Wolf preassembles much of the kit so that major components can be taken from the box and bolted right into position. Click here for technical information.

Color White
Size Big
Weight 130 lbs