Mazda Mk1 Trunk Opener & Light

Trunk Opener & Light for the Miata Mk1

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Product Description

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With this system added to our Keyless Entry or Alarm System, you can open the trunk by remote control! Just press the Option button on the included remote.

The entire system simply bolts in place, so there’s no need for drilling.

What other benefits will a power Trunk Opener add to your Miata?

1. Convenience: In some models, the lock is low on the trunk, and using a key could easily scratch the finish.

2. Security: With the Trunk Opener, you can disable the trunk-pop lever in the glove compartment (a favorite criminal-entry point). And the sensor can be connected to trigger our alarm if the trunk is forced open.

3. Light: Our exclusive, Swiss-made actuator includes asensor that switches the light on when the trunk is opened, and off when it’s closed.

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